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Wadi Food Red Kidney Beans, 400 gm Easy Open Can

Wadi Food Red Kidney Beans, 400 gm Easy Open Can

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Red Kidney Beans (Ready to Eat). Canned red beans are finely produced by Wadi Food factories. Shaped like a kidney, red kidney beans are the most common type of beans. Red kidney beans are legumes native to Central America and Mexico. They have a color that ranges from light and dark red to purple.


Red Kidney Beans, Water, Sugar, Salt, Citric Acid, EDTA, Calcium Chloride

Nutrition Facts

-3 servings per container.

-Serving size: ½ cup (130g)

-100 calories per serving.

-Red kidney beans are mainly composed of carbohydrates and fiber, but also serve as a good source of protein.

-Total fat: 1 gram

-It contains high amounts of sodium, calcium, and dietary fibers.

-Contains potassium.

-Contains carbohydrates and added sugars.

-Contains protein.

-Contains no cholesterol and no saturated fats.

Health Benefits

-Improving heart health

Red kidney beans have a positive effect on health when eaten as a substitute for meat or other protein sources that are high in cholesterol. Red kidney beans are one of the healthiest legumes to use as a source of protein. They contain less fat and saturated fats compared to other types of legumes yet have similar amounts of fiber and protein.


-Preventing colon cancer

Research shows that colon cancer may progress less rapidly in people who regularly eat red kidney beans. The indigestible fiber in beans plays a positive role in regulating cell growth in the colon, which helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.


-Controlling blood sugar

Red kidney beans are low-glycemic index foods, so they do not cause a spike in blood sugar when consumed. Also, when red kidney beans are eaten with rice, the digestion rate of the rice is slowed down.


-Managing weight

 Studies have shown that eating red kidney beans as part of a high-fiber diet may help people trying to lose weight.



Storage Information

-      Keep in a dry, well-ventilated place.

-      Keep away from direct heat, moisture, and pollution.

-      Refrigerate after opening.



Easy to open metal package

Package Size

Drained Weight: 260 grams

Net Weight: 400 grams

Preferred Used With:


Other Weights

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Why Wadi Food Red Kidney Beans


-Wadi Food applies the best methods of packaging and storing products and follows quality standards to preserve the product’s safe

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